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MK1 Boot Lid

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MK1 Boot Lid Empty MK1 Boot Lid

Post by SteveMorris_uk Wed Oct 02, 2013 5:57 am

Hi All

I am new to the club and noticed this on the forums, so I thought I would give this a go, I am looking for to purchase some bits for my newly acquired Mini Minor MK1, at a reasonable price, if you have any of these parts and would consider relinquishing them for paper or coin, I would be most grateful for your help. I have actually not seen in the flesh my newly acquired mini as I am away and was a BDay prezzy from the missus but I know by the photos these are the Items I need, as follows.

1: Mk1 Boot lid, or skin either, if you have or know where I can get a boot lid skin for mk1.
2: Mk1 Grill and mustache surround ( just the surround I have the ends )
3:Mk1 Boot lid handle ( with key if possible )
4: if you have a garage full of bits, I would like to come rummage sunny 
At the moment I am in Iraq and will be back on the 5th October so please leave a message after the full stop thanks.

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