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Post by Ian Nicholls Mon Dec 24, 2007 2:24 pm

In 1969 British Leyland ordered its works team to race in the British saloon car championship and they found themselves up against the Cooper Car Companies 1275S's, now no longer backed by the factory. The works cars were red/white and driven by John Handley and John Rhodes. The Cooper car company now sponsored by Britax and Downton engineering were yellow/black and driven by Steve Neal and Gordon Spice. Competition was cutthroat and the 1300cc category was won by the Twin cam Ford Escort. However Equipe Arden ran a 970S Mini for Alec Poole in the 1 litre category and also won the overall title. The Works and Cooper cars ran 12 inch wheels, and fuel injected 8 port heads.

1969 MINI RACING Th_04617_27_1_b_122_413lo1969 MINI RACING Th_04635_50_1_b_122_9lo1969 MINI RACING Th_04641_98_1_b_122_353lo1969 MINI RACING Th_04660_1969-59_1_b_122_344lo
1969 MINI RACING Th_04665_1969a_122_842lo1969 MINI RACING Th_04672_1969b_122_1018lo1969 MINI RACING Th_04685_1969c_122_357lo
1969 MINI RACING Th_04693_1969d_122_512lo1969 MINI RACING Th_04699_1969e_122_1084lo1969 MINI RACING Th_04706_1969f_122_1189lo

1969 MINI RACING Th_05351_1969f_122_684lo1969 MINI RACING Th_05361_1969-f2_1_b_122_792lo1969 MINI RACING Th_05366_1969g_122_533lo1969 MINI RACING Th_05382_1969g_122_701lo
1969 MINI RACING Th_05389_1969-GordonSpice_122_196lo1969 MINI RACING Th_05390_1969-GordonSpice2_122_837lo1969 MINI RACING Th_05402_1969h_122_673lo
1969 MINI RACING Th_05405_1969i_122_509lo1969 MINI RACING Th_05419_1969j_122_483lo1969 MINI RACING Th_05428_690526nealhandleycrystalpalaceei4_122_398lo

1969 MINI RACING Th_05756_690626nealrhodesmalloryfm5_122_336lo1969 MINI RACING Th_05763_a4_1_b_122_374lo1969 MINI RACING Th_05763_ADO50-PooleHandley1969-LastScan_122_526lo1969 MINI RACING Th_05768_Britax-SteveNealLastScan_122_379lo
1969 MINI RACING Th_05775_CooperBritaxDowntonMini_122_579lo1969 MINI RACING Th_05789_CooperBritaxDownton-pits_122_237lo1969 MINI RACING Th_05796_d9_1_b_122_675lo
1969 MINI RACING Th_05806_db_1_b_122_666lo1969 MINI RACING Th_05812_ef_1_b_122_836lo1969 MINI RACING Th_05817_JohnHandley1969-c4_1_b_122_951lo
1969 MINI RACING Th_05997_johnrhodesqc8_122_120lo
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